What Should You Pursue?

We educate across a plethora of avant-garde subjects using unconventional fresh educational methodologies. In order to make it easy to choose, we have scoped our offerings as per the duration of subjects.


Courses are a collection of modules which depth-fully cover array of topics for respective subjects. Courses primarily focus on the creative and thinking aspects of the subject and are complemented with apps for technical implementation. On the successful completion of a course the pupil are honoured with a certificate.

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Workshops are a quick run-through of various topics pertaining to a subject. They help getting acquainted with respective aspects of the subject, and are a good way to determine if you should opt for the in-depth course. They are a mix of apps and creativity.

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Supershops, or super crash courses cover a lot about popular subjects in a very short span of time and at a very lovable price! If you are unsure about what to opt, super workshops are the best way to get a flavour of things.

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Minishops, or mini-workshops, are the best way to briefly understand what a subject is about. These are targeted for absolute beginners and introduce the subjects in a very easy manner without delving into the technicalities as such.

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