How Should You Pursue?

Education should be conveniently accessible. With that in mind, we have segregated our sessions into three types of batches.

Common Batch

Our common batches are designed to encourage interaction and exchange of views. These batches have a pre-defined schedule.
Batch Size : 5 - 10

Customised Batch

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to customise a batch as per you and your friends convenience? Well, the purpose of customised batches is just that. These batches can be scheduled as per your requirement.
Batch Size : 2 - 10

Personal Mentoring

When you want to develop an exclusive and thorough understanding of a subject and time-sharing is not your cup of tea, personal mentoring is for you. The best thing about personal mentoring sessions is that, you get full time dedicated mentor, to guide you and help develop a deep understanding of the subject.
Batch Size : Just You!