Workshop Duration

  • 1 Week


Who should attend

  • Beginners, newies, videographers who are getting started
  • Pupil interested in working with audio
  • Age : 16 and above

What should they know

No prior knowledge of audio editing required.

Items required during one or more sessions

  • Laptop with Audition installed
  • Short audio clips or music files
  • Recommended audio format - mp3

About the Workshop

Workshop Code : wau

Mix, edit and create audio content with a comprehensive toolset, which includes multitrack, waveform and spectral display. Audition is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing — and deliver a polished mix with pristine sound.

What's Covered

  • Introduction to the app
  • UI overview
  • Importing files
  • Creating selections
  • Adjusting audio levels
  • Adding fades
  • Correcting pitch
  • Export options