Abhishek Jain started his professional career as a coder in 2001; but, a strong affinity towards art and design inspired him to switch fields.
He completed his HND in graphic design & advertisement from University of Huddersfield and later pursued bachelors in graphic design with honours from the Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

He has worked across a diverse range of media, including coding, graphic & web design, designing UX driven interfaces for screen and touch based devices, development of smart television apps, photo & videography.

His projects include works for University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion, Camberwell College of Arts, Southwark Council, Everywoman Ltd, Covent Garden Academy of Flowers, Sky Broadcasting, Better We, Hemkund Horticulture, Ahmedabad University amongst others.

Alongside his profession, he also independently taught technicalities in graphic / web design & UIX to young pupil whilst providing IT training to mature pupil in Victoria & South Kensington.

He staunchly believes that the conventional subjects, syllabi and techniques, are less pertinent in an age of disruptive technology as the pace of changes across arenas is colossal.
A new technology intervenes and the world goes topsy-turvy overnight.
At this rate, the the upcoming generation cannot afford to be simply relying on the conventional subjects and ways of working and even education itself needs an overhaul.
Hence, he stepped into education for good.

With a fair understanding in art, design and technology, he conceived the idea that education should be proffered for the soul & the mind, opposed to simply materialistic / tangible aspects of societal expectations, for the latter fails to nurture the mental health of people, there by leading to a shallow thought based society. He is now a proponent of organic and disruptive education in creative arts.